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HaKesher, Inc.

About this Organization

HaKesher is the umbrella organization for the following programs:

1. Jewish/Israeli cultural event productions and co-productions in the Greater Boston area for the past eighteen years:

Appearances by well-known Israeli entertainers: Yehoram Gaon, Tuvia Tsafir, T-Pex, Tislam, Shlomi Shabbat, Habimah Theatre, Eyal Golan, Caveret, Miri Mesika, and many more.
Social gatherings: Israeli Movie Club, classical Israeli folk dances, Karaoke nights, Book Club, B2B, and discussion groups, etc.
Social events: International Women's Day, Mimouna, Lag Ba'omer, Yom Ha'atzmaut, and Hanukah celebrations, Sing-a-longs, and talent shows.
2. HaKesher magazine for Hebrew speakers, established in 2003 (seven editions produced), provides a range of Israeli/Jewish services that support and build community, culture, business, social connectedness, and education:

Highly informative/interesting articles on Jewish personalities and endeavors, from technology, business, education and arts, to leisure and philosophy.
Business/personal ads, calendar listings, crossword puzzles, and trivia.
A forum for linking up with Israelis in the Boston area and connecting with one's heritage.
3. Network/publicity/referral services to connect the local and incoming/outgoing Israeli community members, a website portal, and the SmartIsrapages Directory (eighth volume in production).
Mission Statement
HaKesher's mission is to promote and carry out educational, charitable, and cultural purposes for the Israeli, Jewish community, and the greater community in Massachusetts and the remaining New England states.

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